A Collection of all Sessions from the 2016 Switzerland MPCS



This collection of MP3 files contains all plenary sessions which were presented at the 2016 Switzerland MPCS which was held September 25-30 at Hotel Paladina in Pura, Switzerland.  These MP3 files contain the unedited, live recording of the entire school which was presented in English with Italian translation.

The individual sessions are named according to the date and the session number for that day, but included in this collection are the following plenary sessions:

  • The Holy One
  • Practicing the Presence of God With Us
  • Incarnational Reality:  Practicing the Presence of God Within Us
  • Sense of Being
  • Removing Barriers to Healing:  Receiving Forgiveness
  • Removing Barriers to Healing:  Forgiving Others
  • Removing Barriers to Healing:  Self-Acceptance
  • Misogyny
  • Renunciation of Baal
  • Imagery and Symbol:  Perceiving God Aright
  • The True Imagination:  Apprehending the Unseen Real
  • Healing Symbolic Confusion
  • Illusory and True Self
  • The Healing of Memories (Lecture and Prayer)

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