Healing of Woman and Man: Renouncing Misogyny & Misandry (Wheaton 2018)


This plenary session was originally presented at the 2018 Wheaton Ministries of Pastoral Care School, Wednesday session 4.

Renouncing Misandry and Misogyny:  Healing comes to women and men as misandry, the hatred of men and the masculine, and misogyny, enmity toward woman and the feminine, is yielded to the Cross and blessing is restored.

Recommended reading:  Crisis in Masculinity, Leanne Payne; Real Presence: The Christian Worldview of C. S. Lewis as Incarnational Reality, Leanne Payne; Practicing His Presence, Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach; On the Invocation of the Name of Jesus, a monk of the Eastern Church. 

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