From the Archives of Leanne Payne


From a Pastoral Care Ministries school held in Wheaton, IL in June, 2001

This set of recordings includes thirteen sessions of teachings and prayers from Leanne Payne. In these sessions she covers many of the key topics addressed in The Healing Presence and Restoring the Christian Soul, beginning with incarnational reality and concluding with a healing of memories prayer.

We encourage you to find a quiet and prayerful space so that you can be receptive and responsive to the work of the Holy Spirit as you engage with these recordings. 

Session titles, in order presented: 
God With Us, Parts 1-3
Bentness vs Listening to God
Masculine & Feminine
Imagery & Symbol, and the Garden of the Heart
Renouncing Misogyny & Idolatry
Symbolic Confusion
The True Imagination
The Disease of Introspection
The Healing of Memories, Parts 1 & 2
On Hope and a Healing of Memories Prayer

Because these recordings were made on cassette tape, you’ll notice that there are two mp3s for most of the teachings. 

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